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Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer supply to Dorset Police featured in The Times & Sky News


Breathalyzer Direct - Sole Breathalyzer Suppliers to Tanzania, Nigerian, Ugandan, Iraq Police Forces

Breathalyser Direct - Suppliers to Tanzanian Police Force

Breathalyzers - as supplied to/tested and authorised distributors of Lion, Drager, Sentech

Alcovisor Mercury supplied by Breathalyser Direct to Devon & Cornwall Police

Breathalyzer Direct are one of the UK's leading supplier of breathalyser equipment. We supply UK Police & World markets. We can supply the public/companies with highly accurate Police issue breathalyzers.

Latest Breathalyzer Supply News 2017

Breathalyser Direct Ltd are very pleased to continue Breathalyzer support for the #RU2DRUNK campaign with a recent supply of Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzers to Dorset Police for use in Weymouth Town. Also we were recently featured on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show during a discussion about breathalyzers and the possible lowering of the driving limits in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and companies that supply Police issue and Police grade breathalyzers.

ALL OUR BREATHALYSERS are suitable for use in Scotland with the new Scottish drink driving limit which is now law in Scotland.

*** NEW: Supply of Breathalyzers to The Scottish Government. New contract to supply AlcoVISOR Mercury Breathalysers.

We have also been appointed by a growing number of UK Police Forces to supply them with the superb touchscreen AlcoVISOR Mercury breathalyzers and also Alcovisor Mk X breathalyser to tackle problem drinking in pubs and clubs in a number of counties, most recently, Merseyside Police, West Yorkshire Police, Devon & Cornwall Police and Derbyshire Police. The devices will be used by Police in conjunction with Landlords and Club Management to educate drinkers by using a premium Police grade breathalyser and prevent entry to pubs and clubs by customers who are already intoxicated by breathalysing with Alcovisor Mercury and Mk X Police grade breathalyzers. Read Article & Watch Video Here

See a further article here: West Yorkshire Police Breathalysers Supplied by Us

2. A contract issued by Liverpool Trading Standards and Merseyside Police to provide a bulk purchase of Alcovisor Mk X Police grade breathalyzers to various establishments within the City of Liverpool. Read Liverpool Echo Article Here

3. A further large contract awarded to supply Nigerian Police and Iraq Police Forces with premium grade Police Breathalyzers (AlcoVISOR Jupiter) and Tanzanian Police Force with a large number of Police issue premium grade breathalyzers.

4. Breathalyzer Direct launch the superb new CA20 Pro fuel cell breathalyzer. This device replaces the older and less accurate AL6000 and AL7000 devices that use less reliable semi-conductor technology. Click on the CA20 Breathalyser image to the right.

5.We are currently the sole suppliers to a growing number of African and overseas Police Forces. These Police Forces chose Breathalyser Direct Ltd as we offer reliable, proven and accurate breathalyzer equipment.

We are also very active with a number of other large Police Forces around the World, especially in the Middle East. We hope to have the World's first Arabic/Kurdish language breathalyzer released shortly. In addition, we are currently the ONLY UK breathalyzer company authorised to supply Police issue Lion Laboratories breathalyzers, Police issue Draeger breathalyzer and Police issue C4 Development law enforcement grade breathalyzers and accessories. However, we also supply many individuals and companies with breathalyzer equipment - NOT just Police forces.

Breathalyzer Direct are the No. 1 choice for a very large number of buyers looking to purchase high quality breathalyzer equipment mainly due to our expertise and ability to offer taliored advice to suit individual needs - from budget consumer breathalyzer devices to Police grade breathalyzer and evidential equipment.

We also supply the NHS, Irish Health Service, HM Customs, Police Forces throughout the World, Royal Air Force and numerous huge Multi - National shipping and mining companies eg Rio Tinto. We also supply smaller companies, organisations and individuals with top quality breathalysers. Contact us today !

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Many organisations trust us to supply, maintain and offer the very best breathalyzer products. We are a main supplier to the UK, HM Forces having also supplied The British Army with the AL7000 Breathalysers.

The largest online retailer in the World , the huge multi national retailer - have also chosen us to be one of their suppliers of premium, reliable breathalyzers.

Amazon only deal with the very best companies and we are delighted to be part of their continued growth and success, in particular their enthusiastic interest in the professional breathalyzer and breathalyser market.

Breathalyzer suppliiers to Amazon

Buy a quality breathalyser or breathalyzer device at a competitive price. We also have a sister company selling high quality drug testing equipment for personal or professional use.

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1. Breathalyser Direct Ltd only supply extremely high quality breathalyzers for accurate and reliable alcohol testing. All breathalysers are individually quality checked before despatch to the customer in PLAIN packaging.

2. We are major suppliers to World Police Forces, NHS trusts in the UK, are approved suppliers to HM Prison Service, The Ministry Of Defence, British Transport Police and other Government organisations. Breathalyser Direct provide Personal, Commercial and UK/World Police Grade Breathalyser units.

3. You can buy a budget screening unit from us or a full Police issue Breathalyser if you wish - Your choice and we can advise !

4. You can always talk to us, we are very happy to answer queries and are keen to make the breathalyser choosing process as easy as possible.

Buy your breathalyser with confidence.

We also dispatch worldwide - Buy Your Breathalyzer Today.

We are also VAT registered meaning that if you are buying for business use then you can reclaim the VAT element of your breathalyzer purchase. Some of our competitors are not VAT registered.

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NHS trusts, HM Prison Service, Schools, Ministry of Defence, Universities, Industry, Offshore Oil Industry, Road Haulage Contractors, Train Companies, Airline Pilots, GP Surgeries, Bus Companies.


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