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AlcoVISOR Mercury Police

Police Evidential Issue Device

Colour LCD Touch Screen

Superb Accuracy

12 Month Breathalyzer Guarantee


Alcovisor Mercury

AlcoVISOR Mercury (No Printer)


Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer - as supplied to devon and cornwall police



Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyser - LCD Colour Touchscreen


Alcovisor Mercury hard carry case


High Performance Genuine Police Grade Internal Fuel Cell Sensor

Alcovisor Mk X BreathalyserAlcovisor Breathalyser/manufacturer approvals

Breathalyser Direct are extremely pleased to offer the NEW Alcovisor Mercury Full Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser.

We are very proud to be associated with the ground breaking initiative, called #RU2drunk which has attracted much debate on social media sites, with most people supporting the campaign. This sees every participating pub and club in a number of counties being equipped with a Police grade Alcovisor Mercury breathalyzer (supplied by Breathalyser Direct Ltd) for use by door and security staff to control access to premises when they suspect the customer is already drunk. This prevents possible problem/aggressive behaviour associated with alcohol intoxication. THE #RU2DRUNK campaign has been a huge success with Torquay Police alone, reporting a 39% reduction in alcohol fuelled crime..

Read about it below:

Breathalysers Introduced to Weymouth Bars by Dorset Police

Breathalysers Introduced to Torquay Bars by Devon & Cornwall Police

More Press Coverage Here


If you require a printer to attach to this device then please visit our Alcovisor Mercury & Printer page here. It is not possible to add a printer to this model at a later stage as it does not contain the bluetooth module to link to a printer.

Alcovisor Mercury & Printer

This device offers superb accuracy, approved for Police roadside evidential use (NHTSA & DOT approved) with colour touchscreen technology at a budget price. The US authorities apply some of the strictest testing regimes in the world to Police breathalysers (exactly the same as the UK Home Office) and only the very best are officially approved for Police use - The Alcovisor Mercury is one of them.

This device can be used in ANY country and is an excellent option if you need a Police grade touchscreen device without printer for screening purposes eg employee screening etc.

Channel 5 News (UK) recently required a high quality Police grade breathalyser to use during a news feature regarding 'problem drinking' and liver disease within the UK. You can see the device in use on the video footage below (courtesy of Channel 5 News UK)


The Alcovisor Mercury breathalyzer uses a long term stability platinum electrochemical sensor (standard in police issued breath testers) to measure the concentration of alcohol from the sample of the expired breath from a human subject. Having a high specificity to alcohol, the fuel cell is not influenced by acetone or other breath substances. The long term stability of the sensor means you can count on accurate results. The Mercury offers both passive and direct sampling. It can display the breath alcohol reading in any of the commonly used units of measurement e.g. ug/100ml/ promile, mg/L, % BAC, mg/100ml, mg/ml etc.

It is equipped with a mouthpiece ejection feature (no contact with saliva), a LED light for mouthpiece insertion. A hard plastic case is included for storing the device and accessories for easy transport.

The Mercury breathalyser is DOT/NHTSA approved Evidential Breath Tester, and CE mark - RoHS compliant.



Easy to Use

• Affordable • Accurate Touch Screen Technology

2" Screen

10,000 Test Records Memory

Mouthpiece Can Be Easily Ejected

LED Light for Mouthpiece Insertion

Package Includes:

Mercury Alcovisor Professional Breath Alcohol Instrument

1 x Hard Plastic Carrying Case

5 Mouthpieces

1 Screening Cup

4 AA Batteries

Operator Manual

Soft Protective Pouch

12 Month Warranty

Registered European Certificate

Registered US DOT FDA Approved/ISO Certified/NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin)

2 Operating Modes

a) Rapid Screening b) Normal Test Mode (For an accurate result following a rapid screen)

Free Upgrade to recorded delivery (Normally Next Day) will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out (UK mainland only).

The Alcovisor Mercury offers quoted accuracy levels of: +/- 0.005 mg/ml upto 1.00 BAC

(Meets DoT accuracy requirements)

+/- 5% above 1.00 mg/ml (Manufacturers quoted accuracy levels)

£450.00 inc free recorded delivery.


12 Month Warranty

Very Easy to use !

Breathalyzer Specifications

Indication of BrAC 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre BrAc
Warm Up Time Below 5 secs
Response Time within 4 seconds
Recycle Time 5 Seconds
Mouth Piece 5 x Included
Sensor Premium Police Fuel Cell
Power Supply 4 x AAA Batteries Supplied
Weight 255g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 150mm Height x 70 width x 35 depth

Auto power off

Flow Check Technology

Error Sensing Technology

Battery Low Indication

Date Time Display

Calibration Reminder Display

10,000 Test Memory

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£450.00 inc vat & free delivery - Alcovisor Mercury


RECOMMENDED FOR EMPLOYERS £490.00 inc vat & free delivery - Alcovisor Mercury & 100 Mouthpieces & Pre-Paid Re-Calibration Voucher


£54.00 inc vat



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