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Lion 900 Breathalyser

Meets UK Police Standards

Meets NF Class 1 Standards

Easy to Use


Lion 900 Breathalyser - Brand New  


Lion 900 Alcolmeter Breathalyzer


Lion 900 Alcolmeter/Alcometer Breathalyser


The lion alcolmeter® 900 is the latest in a long line of professional breath alcohol analysis instruments that has been designed, developed and manufactured by Lion Laboratories Ltd. Conforms to EN15964 and IP54. The lion alcolmeter® 900 offers a sleek new design and optional extras such as, Bluetooth and integrated GPS. The instrument also features a heated sample port for more accurate readings in colder climates.

A dedicated mouthpiece design with an illuminated port ensures easy fitting in any situation. The Lion 900 also uses World Leading Lion fuel cell sensor technology, so the reading is very unlikely to be affected by anything in the subject's breath other than alcohol. The Lion 900 Breathalyser is fully automatic, through microprocessor control, so it is very simple to use.

Lion 900 Breathalyser 

Do I Need Specific Training to Operate These Devices ?

In a word - No ! It is extremely easy to use and will take minutes to get you up and running. Fit a mouthpiece, turn on, wait for 'take sample' message'. Blow until the tone stops and then read the display - UK Driving limit is 0.35 mg/L. If the blow is insufficient you will get an error message. Foolproof technology.

This latest lion alcolmeter® is designed and built for accurate and repeatable breath alcohol screening. It uses the latest technology to seamlessly deliver results in the most effective ways. It also features optional extras such as built in Bluetooth, which enables efficient data transfer and cordless printing, plus connectivity to the Lion AlcoHub App. Pairing is possible with Android portable devices, and has been tested to withstand EMC disruption from 5G technology. The incorporation of an Integrated GPS (optional extra), allows for location fixes for data records, and also displays sample positions on a map when paired with the AlcoHub App. All location data is also tagged with the time a measurement was taken for a full audit trail. This instrument delivers highly accurate and fast readings through use of the latest generation of Lion fuel cell sensors. This instrument can also used with a nasal tube, for sampling breath from a comatose patient in medical applications.

Indication of BrAC 0 to 3.0 mg/litre BrAc
Warm Up Time 0 secs
Response Time Typically 4s at 0.00mg/L; within 10s if alcohol is present
Recycle Time Typically 5s at 0.00mg/L; within 30s up to 0.50mg/L, and within 60s between 0.50 and 2.00mg/L
Mouth Piece 3 x Included
Sensor Lion Fuel Cell - Micro Version
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries Supplied
Weight 325g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 210mm x 75mm x 45mm

Auto power off

Flow Check Technology

Error Sensing Technology

Battery Low Indication


Coming Soon

£950.00 inc vat & free delivery


£1156.00 inc vat & free delivery - includes Lion 900 Breathalyser & 500 Mouthpieces & Pre-Paid Calibration Certificate (Save ££££ !)


£156.00 inc vat & free delivery


£69.00 inc vat


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