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Lion 700 Breathalyser

Meets UK Police Standards

Meets NF Class 1 Standards

Easy to Use

Lion 700 Alcolmeter/Alcometer Police Issue Breathalyser

Lion 700 Breathalyser - Police Grade Accuracy - New Model


Widely Used in Global Law Enforcement, Medical and Industrial Markets The lion alcolmeter® 700 is a compact and easy to use breath alcohol analysis instrument certified to EN15964

A variant is now Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use.

The Lion 700 Alcolmeter/Alcometer Breathalyzer is a brand new device, for use in Law Enforcement, Industrial Safety or Health & Well Being Programmes - ideally suited for professional, company or personal use. it can be used literally anywhere.

The Lion 700 has a simple multi-button user interface, internal memory for simple data capture, fully automatic sampling system and a Multi-language version available. It is also compact and is a handy pocket size.

The Lion 700 meets EN 15964 which is a European Standard for handheld breathalysers for Police use.

Lion 700 Alcolmeter/Alcometer Breathalyser


Lion 700 Breathalyzer

It uses Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is very unlikely to be affected by anything in the subject's breath other than alcohol. The Lion 700 Breathalyser is fully automatic, through microprocessor control, so it is very simple to use.

The operator switches the instrument on and, when instructed, attaches a new mouthpiece to the small sampling port. The subject should then blow into the mouthpiece until the sample is taken. A short time later their alcohol level is shown on the clear, easy-to-read display: this is illuminated, for use at night.

When the reading has been taken, the operator removes and discards the mouthpiece. After a short delay the instrument is ready to use again on the next subject, as required. The result of the last test can be recalled to the display, if required.

Do I Need Specific Training to Operate These Devices ?

In a word - No ! It is extremely easy to use and will take minutes to get you up and running. Fit a mouthpiece, turn on, wait for 'take sample' message'. Blow until the tone stops and then read the display - UK Driving limit is 0.35 mg/L. If the blow is insufficient you will get an error message. Foolproof technology.

This instrument can also used with a nasal tube, for sampling breath from a comatose patient in medical applications.

Lion 700 Breathalyzer

Indication of BrAC 0.02 to 2.50 mg/litre BrAc
Warm Up Time 0 secs
Response Time Typically 4s at 0.00mg/L; within 10s if alcohol is present
Recycle Time Typically 5s at 0.00mg/L; within 30s up to 0.50mg/L, and within 60s between 0.50 and 2.00mg/L
Mouth Piece 3 x Included
Sensor Lion Fuel Cell - Micro Version
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries Supplied
Weight 160g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 120mm Height x 60 width x 30 depth

Auto power off

Flow Check Technology

Error Sensing Technology

Battery Low Indication


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£595 inc vat & free delivery


£699.00 inc vat & free delivery - includes Lion 700 Breathalyser & 250 Mouthpieces & Pre-Paid Calibration Certificate (Save ££££ !)


£76.00 inc vat & free delivery


£39.00 inc vat & free delivery


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