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AlcoSCAN AL7000 Pro

Hard Pro carry Case

3 Decimal Place Accuracy

Free Breathalyzer Delivery

12 Month Breathalyzer Guarantee


Alcoscan AL7000 Pro Breathalyser - Hard case

AlcoSCAN AL7000 Pro Breathalyzer

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AL7000 as supplied to British Army Medical Services by Breathalyser Direct

Snap Out - Snap In Sensor Change !

All breathalyzers suitable for use in Scotland (new limit), UK and Europe

The AlcoScan AL7000 Professional Pack Breathalyzer (Latest Compact Hard Case Model) is a superb product for Breathalyser Direct that offers the very best in cutting edge semi- conductor sensor technology and sleek, attractive design. This fantastic kit now features a smart professional hard carry case.

Breathalyser Direct have been chosen to supply The British Army with this premium product. The British Army required a robust, reliable and easy to use breathalyzer screening device from a professional breathalyzer supply company - The AL7000 and Breathalyser Direct were their prime choice and we are proud to be associated with HM Forces and breathalyser supplies.

Unlike our competitors, we sell the AlcoScan AL7000 Full Premium Pack which includes the smart new full pro hard compact carry case with internal protective foam padding, protective soft carry pouch, carry strap, full user guide, quick start instructions (you will be ready to go in less than 2 minutes), 15 free mouthpieces, 2 x AA batteries. The bew compact hard case features internal moulded areas for mouthpieces, spare sensors etc - The fantastic price includes vat and free first class recorded delivery !

This is one of the few breathalyser models available in the world that features Click In/Out sensor replacement as well as a highly accurate, clear, easy to read, 3 decimal place LCD display. The very best in build quality and reliability.

Please view the video to see how easy it is to change the sensor on the AlcoScan AL7000 Pro Breathalyser.


We now offer 'bundle' packages to include the AlcoScan AL7000 Premium Plus with extra mouthpieces for employee testing or the AL7000 Premium Plus with a spare pre calibrated sensor to minimise 'downtime' of your breathalyzer.

Buy The AlcoScan AL7000 Premium Plus Breathalyser Today ! High accuracy, sleek, cutting edge design.

The AlcoScan AL7000 Premium Plus Breathalyzer is calibrated to the UK standard of mg/litre (same as our Lion Police issue devices) but is fully usable in any country. Free Upgrade to recorded delivery (Normally Next Day Arrival) will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out.

We only sell the AlcoScan Pro Professional with user self calibration for high accuracy and reliability. It is a highly accurate breathalyzer with a manufacturer's quoted accuracy of +/- 0.01 % at 0.10% BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) -. Accurate !! The only way to achieve better accuracy, should you require it, is with the Professional Fuel Cell Devices such as our AlcoVISOR range, Lion, Drager etc.

AL7000 Pro Breathalyzer


Current Users: Law Enforcement Screening (Non UK), Companies, Universities, Schools, NHS, Military Police Forces Worldwide and Airline Pilots, HM Forces, Army.


Free Batteries/Full Easy User Guide

Soft Protective Pouch

12 Month Warranty

Registered European Certificate

Registered US DOT FDA Approved/ISO Certified/NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin)


Fast accurate breath sampling

Free Upgrade to recorded delivery will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out (UK mainland only)

NB - The bulky (and rarely used) 12v cable connector is NOT included with the new, compact carry case due to space,



12 Month Warranty

Very Easy to use !

Breathalyzer Specifications

Indication of BrAC 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre BrAc
Warm Up Time Below 30 secs
Response Time within 2 seconds
Recycle Time 10 Seconds
Mouth Piece 15 x Included
Sensor Premium Semiconductor
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries Supplied
Weight 105g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 104mm Height x 40 width x 20 depth

Auto power off

Flow Check Technology

Error Sensing Technology

Battery Low Indication

User Replaceable Sensor





£30.00 inc vat & free delivery


£15.00 inc vat & free delivery


Please note that if you require full Police grade accuracy then you should consider Alcovisor MkX/Mercury/Jupiter/Lion or Drager series. See Top Menu for details.

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